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Chart Tutorial

Use the Chart content type to present simple statistical data graphically without having to create the charts manually.

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Here is the content that we will create in this tutorial:

Step 1: Topic

We are going to graphically show the number of berries in the table below. We will use different colors to present each berry type in our chart.

Strawberries: 5
Blueberries: 6
Cloudberries: 8
Raspberries: 4

Step 2: Creating a Chart

Select the New content option and choose Chart from the list of Content types:

Step 3: Chart editor

The Chart editor should now appear. The editor looks like this:

Step 4: Creating Content

Fill in a Title and for Type of chart select "Pie Chart".

Under "Data elements" we will add our content. Fill in first group like so:

  • Name: Strawberries
  • Value: 5
  • Color: Blue
  • Font Color: White

Your 1st data element should look like this:

To add the next "Data element" use the big blue "Add option" button.

Add 3 more items and fill them in with the content from the table above. You can set any background/text color you like. When you are done, you should get the editor looking like this:

Step 5: Finishing up 

Save the node/article to view your finished Chart. 
You should now have the same result as the example at the top of this page.  

Step 6: Optionally (Chart type)

At any point, you can switch your chart type, just select Type of chart and pick "Bar Chart". Your content will now be displayed as a Bar chart and it should look like this:

Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions on how to improve this tutorial.