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Column Tutorial

The Column content type could be used to organize your H5P content into a one column layout. Content types that address similar material or share a common theme can be grouped together using Column to create a coherent learning experience. 

In this tutorial you will learn:

  • When to use Column
  • How to create Column and add new H5P content to it
  • How to import (reuse) existing H5P content inside Column
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Here is the Column we'll create in this tutorial:

When to use Column

You should use Column whenever you want to group several H5P content items, listed one below each other on one page.

Step 1: Topic

The topic of this content will be a geography quiz. We will start with the introduction:

Geography Quiz
Answer the questions below and check your knowledge of European geography!

After the introduction we'll add several existing H5P Questions:

Step 2: Creating Column

Select the New content option and choose Column from the list of Content types:

Step 3: Column editor

The Column editor should now appear. The editor looks like this:

You can create new content inside Column or you can paste in existing content. In this tutorial, we will explain both ways of adding content into Column.

Step 4: Adding new content

Click "Content" dropdown and choose "Text." A new "Text" item will appear. Type in: 

Geography Quiz
Answer the questions below and check your knowledge of European geography!

You should get something like this:

Step 5: Adding existing content

In this part, we'll add four existing questions into this column. These are items we'll add:

Please download these four items and upload each of them as new content to your system. If you never reuse H5P content before, here are the steps how to do so:

  1. Open the first link at the top and click "Reuse"
  2. Click "Download as an .h5p file" 
  3. In your system create a new H5P item and click "Upload"
  4. Save content as usual
  5. Repeat the process for each link

Now, you have these questions in your system and you are ready to upload them into your Column. Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Open content, click "Reuse",
  2. Click "Copy"
  3. Inside the column, Click "Add content" and
  4. Click "Paste"

Repeat this for all four content items.

Step 6: Finishing up

Now, you should have five content items inside your column: Introduction text + four questions.  

Save the node/article when you're satisfied to view your Column
You should now have the same result as the example at the top of this page.  
Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions on how to improve this tutorial.