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Guess the Answer Tutorial

This content type allows you to create questions where the end-user should guess the answer based on the image. Then, by pressing the bar below the image, the user reveals the correct answer. 

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Here's the Guess the answer example we'll create in this tutorial:

Step 1: Topic

Let's say you want to show an image of a Cherry and you want the end-user to guess which fruit it is.
After he/she thinks of a guess, they will click on a button and reveal the correct answer.

Step 2: Creating Guess the Answer

Select the New content option and chooseGuess the answer from the list of Content types:

Step 3: Guess the answer editor

The Guess the answer editor should now appear. The editor looks like this:

Step 4: Task description 

Fill in a title and under "Task description" type: "Which fruit is this?". It should look like this:

For the image, we want to use cherries image from this link: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Owoce_wisni.jpg

Download this image to your computer. 

Click on the "Media" and under "Type", select "Image". Then, click the "Add" button below, locate the image you downloaded before and upload it.

In the field Descriptive solution label, we want to type: "Press here to reveal the answer".

And, finally, in the Solution text, we will type "Cherries".

Step 5: Finishing up 

Save the node/article to view your finished Guess the answer
You should now have the same result as the example at the top of this page. 
Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions on how to improve this tutorial.