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Tutorials for authors

Here you'll learn how the authoring tool works for many of the existing content types.
Select the content type below to read the tutorial.
Course Presentation Create a presentation with interactive slides
Course Presentation Tutorial
Interactive Video Create videos enriched with interactions
Interactive Video Tutorial
360 Virtual Tour Create interactive 360 environments
360 Virtual Tour Tutorial
Branching Scenario Create dilemmas and self paced learning
Branching Scenario Tutorial
Flashcards Create stylish and modern flashcards
Flashcards Tutorial
Image Sequencing Place images in the correct order
Image Sequencing Tutorial
Essay Create essay with instant feedback
Essay Tutorial
Dictation Create a dictation with instant feedback
Dictation Tutorial
Dialog Cards Create text-based turning cards
Dialog Cards Tutorial
Drag and Drop Create drag and drop tasks with images
Drag and Drop Tutorial
Fill in the Blanks Create a task with missing words in a text
Fill in the Blanks Tutorial
Multiple Choice Create flexible multiple choice questions
Multiple Choice Tutorial
Question Set Create a series of interactive questions
Question Set Tutorial
Summary Create an interactive summary task
Summary Tutorial
Arithmetic Quiz Create time-based arithmetic quizzes
Arithmetic Quiz Tutorial
Chart Quickly generate bar and pie charts
Chart Tutorial
Collage Create a collage of multiple images
Collage Tutorial
Accordion Create vertically stacked expandable items
Accordion Tutorial
Drag the Words Create text-based drag and drop tasks
Drag the Words Tutorial
Column Combine multiple content items into one column layout
Column Tutorial
Image Pairing Drag and drop image matching game
Image Pairing Tutorial
Image Slider Tutorial Easily create an Image Slider
Image Slider Tutorial
True/False Tutorial Create True/False questions
True/False Tutorial
Advanced Fill in the Blanks Tutorial Fill in the missing words
Advanced Fill in the Blanks Tutorial
Guess the Answer Create an image with a question and answer
Guess the Answer Tutorial
Image Hotspots Create an image with multiple info hotspots
Image Hotspots Tutorial
Impressive Presentation Create a slideshow with parallax effects
Impressive Presentation Tutorial
Agamotto Create a sequence of images that changes gradually
Agamotto Tutorial
Mark the Words Create a task where users highlight words
Mark the Words Tutorial
Memory Game Create the classic image pairing game
Memory Game Tutorial
Single Choice Set Create questions with one correct answer
Single Choice Set Tutorial
Timeline Create a timeline of events with multimedia
Timeline Tutorial
Documentation Tool Create a form wizard with text export
Documentation Tool Tutorial